Tate Britain

Tate Britain's policy is to keep the displays fresh by often moving paintings around so even the frequent visitor is kept on their toes! Just as supermarkets re-jig their aisles to encourage shoppers to try new products, so galleries should, I think, keep their displays dynamic so we form unexpected encounters with unknown works of… Continue reading Tate Britain


The Guild Chapel wall paintings

Medieval wall paintings are like gold dust in the lands where the Protestant Reformation took hold. In the momentous waves of iconoclasm that swept through the north of Europe in the 16th century, incalculable numbers of religious artworks were destroyed. Wall paintings were the easiest targets: a simple limewashing could render them invisible. There was… Continue reading The Guild Chapel wall paintings


The Pre Raphaelites and Romantic poetry

One of the joys of studying art history is that it frequently leads you into other fascinating subjects. Far from niche and exclusive (as it is often perceived), art history is a network of  paths criss-crossing an eclectic mix of subjects.  Here I take a look at the relationship between Pre-Raphaelitism and Romantic poetry, a… Continue reading The Pre Raphaelites and Romantic poetry