A tiny windswept island off the coast of Northumberland was once one of the greatest centres of art, learning and religion in Christendom. Lindisfarne was the home of saints and the victim of Vikings; it was the cradle of the greatest Anglo-Saxon art, and the destination for thousands of pilgrims down the centuries. Lindisfarne is… Continue reading Lindisfarne


Bamburgh Castle

I love a good castle. Castles are stoic survivors of hundreds of years of history; they have often survived pillage, siege and political upheaval to remain standing today. Northumberland, the most northerly county in England, is home to some of the most dramatic castles in the British Isles. My favourite is Bamburgh – despite being… Continue reading Bamburgh Castle


The Guild Chapel wall paintings

Medieval wall paintings are like gold dust in the lands where the Protestant Reformation took hold. In the momentous waves of iconoclasm that swept through the north of Europe in the 16th century, incalculable numbers of religious artworks were destroyed. Wall paintings were the easiest targets: a simple limewashing could render them invisible. There was… Continue reading The Guild Chapel wall paintings